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Where to study chinese in Shenzhen?
Posted by: Luc
Date: November 13, 2015 07:55PM


I'm currently working as English teacher and I want to know where I can take good chinese classes to improve my chinese.

It could be private courses or university courses.

Please post all the information that you have.

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Re: Where to study chinese in Shenzhen?
Date: March 01, 2017 09:51PM

In terms of university courses, I heard that there are some courses at Shenzhen University and the Polytechnic university and probably at some other universities. So I guess that it depends on your location.

For private teachers, there are a lot. I think that you can find some on some websites. Otherwise, another great way to practice your Chinese is to do some language exchange. There are a lot of opportunities for that in Shenzhen as many people want to learn English.

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