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Association Rules Mining didn't work
Posted by: dqanhtriet
Date: March 16, 2021 05:10PM

Hi all,
Thanks for spmf software, I can do more with my research about Association Rule Hiding, and I've used spmf to mine closed association rules, but it didn't work, atleast with mushroom, retail, accident dataset I downloaded from datasets page. Can you show me the way to do it? It worked with chess dataset.

This is the result of dataset mushroom.
Algorithm is running... (05:54:49 PM)
============= FP-Close v0.96r14 - STATS =============
Transactions count from database : 8416
Max memory usage: 8.153923034667969 mb
Closed frequent itemset count : 0
Total time ~ 99 ms
============= ASSOCIATION RULE GENERATION v2.19- STATS =============
Number of association rules generated : 0
Total time ~ 0 ms

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Association Rules Mining didn't work
Date: March 17, 2021 06:07AM


Have you tried lowering the parameters ? (minimum support and minimum confidence?)

The parameter like minimum support must be set to very different values for each datasets.

For example, on some datasets, there might be 0 itemsets for minsup =0.4 while for another dataset, there might be millions of itemsets for minsup =0.9999

The best is to start with a high value and gradually decrease until you find enough rules.

For the minconf parameter, also, dont set it to a very high value. You may try some small value and then increase if you have too many rules.

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