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saving to file and loading a pretrained sequence prediction model with CPT / CPT+ / AKOM / PPM / TDAG etc in SPMF
Date: February 12, 2021 12:05AM

Hi all,

For all of those using CPT, CPT+, AKOM, PPM, DG and other sequence prediction models of SPMF, in the new version 2.44, I have added some example in the code about how to save a pretrained model to a file and then load it again. It is very simple. For example, in, the code for saving a trained CPT model and loading it from file to do a prediction looks like this:

// ******* IF we want to save the trained model to a file ******* ///
ObjectOutputStream stream = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("model.ser" ) ) ;
// ****** Then, we can also load the trained model from the file ****** ///
ObjectInputStream stream2 = new ObjectInputStream(new FileInputStream("model.ser" ) ) ;
Predictor predictionModel2 = (Predictor) stream2.readObject();

// and then make a prediction
Sequence thePrediction2 = predictionModel2.Predict(sequence);
System.out.println("For the sequence <(1),(4)>, the prediction for the next symbol is: +" + thePrediction2);

That is easy ! :-)

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