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New version: SPMF 2.44
Date: February 11, 2021 08:56AM

Hi all,

This is to let you know that I have uploaded the new version 2.44 of SPMF. It has several new algorithms:
- LTHUI-Miner for mining the locally-trending high utility itemsets (by Yanjun Yang)
- MLHUI-Miner for discovering the multi-level high utility itemsets (by Ying Wang)
- AER-Miner for mining attribute evolution rules in a dynamic attributed graph (by Ganghuan He)
- TSPIN for mining the top-k stable periodic patterns in a transaction database
(by Ying Wang, Peng Yang)

I have also added some new datasets:
- Fruithut, Liquor and e-commerce (by Ying Wang)

Some bug fixes:
- Fixed a small bug in DFIN (thanks to Nader Aryabarzan)
- Fixed a bug in the user interface for TKG (thanks to..)
- Fixed a small error in the DB_LHUI.txt example file

Some new tool:
- Added a new tool to fix problems in transactions databases with time and utility information

Some new feature:
- Added a feature with example for saving or loading a trained sequence prediction model from file (for the AKOM, DG, TDAG, LZ78, PPM, CPT, and CPT+ algorithms)

Thanks to all the contributors for this! And also thanks to all users who have and are supporting SPMF!

What is for the future?
For this version, I did not have time to do all of what I wanted to do because I have spent several days dealing with some bugs in some new algorithms recently... There is some features that we discussed in the forum that I did not have time to add yet to SPMF like the ability to process multiple files at the same time... I do not forget about this but just did not have time...

There are also several algorithms still waiting to be added to SPMF for sequential pattern mining that I will release soon. So there will be another version coming in the next weeks.

Do you have some code?

If you have implemented some other algorithms that are not in SPMF, you are welcome to become a contributors of SPMF. This can also bring visibiliity to your algorithm(s). If you are interested, please leave me an e-mail at philfv8 AT yahoo DOT com.

Thanks again to all for your support!

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Re: New version: SPMF 2.44
Posted by: Swabnir
Date: February 11, 2021 10:46PM

Thank you Prof for the updates and newly released version of SPMF.

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