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can not run the example in R
Posted by: Taras
Date: November 06, 2020 01:52AM

Hello! Thanks for this wonderful package, I've been looking for something like this for a long time ...

I am using the R package "r2spmf"

I just started acquaintance but I can not run the example

test <- df2SPMFSequence(seqDF,ID="ID",time="jour",
timeFormat="\%d",parallel = F)

Error: '\%' is an unrecognized escape in character string starting ""\%"

test <- df2SPMFBasket(seqDF,ID="ID",time="jour",
timeFormat="\%d",parallel = F)
Error: '\%' is an unrecognized escape in character string starting ""\%"
What is the problem?

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Re: can not run the example in R
Date: November 13, 2020 08:44AM

Hi Taras,

Glad SPMF is useful.

Good question. I am the founder of SPMF but I am not a user of R... So it is hard for me to provide help for the unofficial wrapper for R or to debug it.

But I have searched a bit, and it seems that such error comes from a problem related to perhaps the input file format? like maybe some character that is forbidden is in the file... Actually, the error appears to be on the side of R from what I see in that error message, so I cannot really be useful to help about it.

If you find the solution, please post it as it could be useful to others.

Best regards,


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