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Source code of HUE-SPAN for high utility episode mining
Posted by: Hua
Date: January 05, 2020 06:32AM

Dear professor,

I read the paper about the high utility episode named HUE-SPAN. I am interested to do a project on ├ępisodes. Do you have the source code for me and could you share me the code?

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Re: Source code of HUE-SPAN for high utility episode mining
Date: January 05, 2020 06:36AM


Thanks for your interest.
We will release the code of that episode mining algorithm in the SPMF library very soon, in the next version. It should be in about 1 or 2 weeks.

If you want more details about HUE-SPAN, the PPT and PDF of HUE-SPAN can be found here:
- HUE-SPAN: Fast High Utility Episode Mining (article)
- HUE-SPAN: Fast High Utility Episode Mining (ppt)

Best regards,

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