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motivation for top-k closed high utility itemsets mining
Posted by: solmaz
Date: November 06, 2019 12:01PM

Hello, Prof. Fournier-Viger

I can't find an article on top-k closed high utility itemsets mining. Is this new?

if not, please introduce an article on this. else is there an motivation to mining these itemsets? please help me


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Re: motivation for top-k closed high utility itemsets mining
Date: November 06, 2019 03:29PM


Yes, I think there is no paper on that topic by doing a very quick search on Google Scholar.

Yes, I think this would be a useful topic. The motivation of top-k high utility itemset mining is that we dont want to set the min utility threshold and instead we want to find the top k itemsets that yield the highest profit. But these itemsets may contain redundancy... So if you mine the top-k closed high utility itemset, you would find the k most profitable itemsets that are non redundant. I think this is definitely useful.

Now, in terms of challenges, I think that doing top-k closed high utility itemset mining is not so straightforward. So I think it would also be a challenging topic, perhaps, which should thus be interesting.

To do this project, I would suggest to look at:
- the papers on high utility itemset mining, closed high utility itemset mining and top-k high utility itemset mining, and you can find some code in SPMF and datasets.
- the papers bout top-k closed frequent itemset mining... i think there should be some.. so this would give you some ideas about how to combine top-k with itemset mining.

Then you could see how to put all this together.

Best regards,

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