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NEW VERSION OF SPMF: 2.40 - 9 new algorithms
Date: October 23, 2019 06:42AM

Hi all,

This is to let you know that a new version of SPMF has just been released (v 2.40). It offers 9 new algorithms, including some algorithms for subgraph mining and periodic pattern mining.

Several persons have contributed code to this new release.

Here is the list of new algorithms:
- the HUIM-ABC algorithm for mining high utility itemsets using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization (thanks to Wei Song and Chaoming Huang for contributing the code)
- the TKG algorithm for mining the top-k frequent subgraphs in a graph database (thanks to Fournier-Viger, P. and Chao Cheng)
- the gSpan algorithm for mining the frequent subgraphs in a graph database (thanks to Chao Cheng)
- the SPP-Growth algorithm for mining stable periodic itemsets in a transaction database (by Peng Yang)
- the MPFPS-BFS algorithm for mining periodic patterns common to multiple sequences (by Zhitian Li).
- the MPFPS-DFS algorithm for mining periodic patterns common to multiple sequences (by Zhitian Li).
- the NAFCP algorithm for mining frequent closed itemsets (thanks to Nader Aryabarzan et al.)
- the OPUS-Miner algorithm for mining self-sufficient itemsets (thanks to Xiang Li for converting the original C++ code to Java)

This is the first release since a few months, as I have been a bit busy recently. But don't worry. The project is still very active, and I will always continue to make new releases every few months with new algorithms.

If some of you would like to contribute algorithms to SPMF, it is also always welcome, as it will be beneficial to many researchers.

Best regards,


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