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Is generating Association rules from frequent itemsets possible?
Posted by: Jaher Hassan Chowdhury
Date: September 23, 2019 02:31AM

Is generating association rules from frequent itemsets possible? Like in the spmf application section FIN only generates frequent itemsets. Not Association rules. How can we generate association rules from these frequent itemsets? Or what will be the added source code for generating association rules?

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Re: Is generating Association rules from frequent itemsets possible?
Date: October 08, 2019 08:40PM


Sorry for the delay to answer. In SPMF, you can use FPGrowth or Apriori to find frequent itemsets and then generate association rules from these frequent itemsets.

The FIN algorithm has not been adapted for association rule mining. It could be done. But it would require some additional programming. Since there are many frequent itemset mining algorithms in SPMF, I did not implement the feature of association rule mining algorithm for all of them. I chose FPGrowth because it is one of the fastest frequent itemset mining algorithm.

If you have time and want to adapt the code to make it work for FIN, and want to contribute the code, I could add it.

Otherwise, I recommend to use FPGrowth

Best regards,

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