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Worse temps after applying Kryonaut!
Posted by: Gary Magno
Date: August 01, 2019 06:16AM

Hi all,

Need help please.

I just bought an i9-9900KF and along with that bought an NZXT Kraken x52. My temps were a bit high for idle, around 40c. The thermal paste I used for this was whatever comes with a hyper 212 evo, cuz thats what my first CPU Cooler was back when i had a 7600k. After monitoring those high temps and not being happy i decided to go bigger and get the x62, along with some TG kryonaut. Now my idle temps are higher by 5 C (~45) and are very sporadic, sometimes jumping all the way to 60 C. All i have open is Chrome, steam, and MSI Afterburner to monitor temps. I thought this would give me better idle temps!!! Also, load temps seem to be fine maxing out around 77 C. Color me confused!!!

EDIT: I am reading online contents so I discovered this problem. I'm using stock CPU settings, no overclock. I want to fix this issue first before I do that.

Thanks for any help.


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