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Missing code in Prepost algorithm
Posted by: Najat
Date: July 30, 2019 02:10AM

Dear Sir,
Thanks so much to SMPF team for your unlimited help.
I am just reading about Prepost algorithm and start to see its code.
It states that generating the 2-candidate itemsets is an expensive step.
To overcome this issue, the procedure for generated 2-itemsets is presented.

When I look for the code I could not find this procedure which called mining frequent 2-itemsets in the paper.

Could you please let me know where it is located in the code or maybe it should be added in case it missed.

Best regards,

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Re: Missing code in Prepost algorithm
Date: July 31, 2019 05:08AM


Thanks for using SPMF. The Java version of PrePost is a conversion of the original C code, which was provided by Prof. Zhihong Deng. If that feature was in the C version, then it should also be in the Java version. But if it was not in the C version, then it is not in the Java version.

Since I did not implement that code, I am not familiar with it. You may contact Prof. Zhihong Deng if you have any question about the algorithm itself or about how it is implemented.

Best regards,


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Re: Missing code in Prepost algorithm
Posted by: najat
Date: August 01, 2019 01:37AM

Hey Sir,

Thanks for your explanation,

Yes, I will contact him since this procedure is the important one of this method.


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