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Recommender system
Posted by: Gina
Date: July 28, 2019 08:51PM

Greetings Prof. Philippe Fournier-Viger,

I am into recommender systems in the e-learning domain. Is it a good idea to use RuleGrowth / TRuleGrowth to find suitable courses after finding set of similar users?

Thank you for your time,


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Re: Recommender system
Date: July 28, 2019 09:47PM


Yes, it sequential rules could be used for recommendation. If you have sequences of courses or learning activities, then you can extract rules from these sequences and show them to the user to see the patterns that people are following. Or otherwise, you can also use them for recommendation.

Sequential rules maybe not the best approach in terms of prediction accuracy but they have the advantage of being interpretable by humans. This can be something useful for the e-learning domains.

Previously, I have used sequential patterns in the e-learning domains in this paper, during my PhD;

The idea if probably different from yours ;-) But you can have a look and maybe it gives you some ideas.

Best regards,

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