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Does it include these ?
Posted by: Ruhallah Ahmadian
Date: December 01, 2018 02:48PM

I'm looking for these algorithm, are there these in SPMF ?
Apriori with Transaction reduction
Apriori with Partitioning
Apriori with Sampling
Apriori with Dynamic itemset counting
Vertical Data Format

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Re: Does it include these ?
Date: December 02, 2018 03:53PM


Ruhallah Ahmadian Wrote:
> I'm looking for these algorithm, are there these
> in SPMF ?
> Apriori with Transaction reduction


> Apriori with Partitioning


> Apriori with Sampling


> Apriori with Dynamic itemset counting


> Vertical Data Format

Yes, several algorithms in SPMF use a vertical data format such as AprioriTID, Eclat, Charm, etc.

In SPMF there are four main versions of Apriori:
- Apriori
- AprioriTID (using the vertical format)
- AprioriTIDbitset (using the vertical format, implemented as bitvectors)
- AprioriHT (optimized using a Hash tree structure

By the way, there are some algorithms that are faster than Apriori such as FPGrowth, which are also implemented in SPMF. This is why, I did not implement too much optimizations for Apriori. Even if Apriori is optimized, it will always be slower than algorithms like FPGrowth.

Best regards,

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