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simrank++ in spmf
Posted by: zhaozhao
Date: December 01, 2018 12:33AM

Dear Prof Fournier-Viger

as you probably know that in the data mining area, the simrank algorithm is quite good in graph recommendation system and later the author update the algorithm and call it as simrank++, but I don't see it in the SMPF, is there a reason why you don't want to add it to your SMPF library?

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Re: simrank++ in spmf
Date: December 01, 2018 04:27AM


Thanks for your interest in the software. The main reason why that algorithm is not implemented is because my time is limited and there are hundreds of new algorithms every year. Thus, I have to choose which algorithms I will implement carefully. I usually pick some algorithm that I am interested in. But often, some people will also contribute some code to the software. Then, I don't need to implement it by myself, and I will integrate it in SPMF.

For SimRank++, I don't have any short-term plan to implement it. But if someone can contribute some code, I would add it to the software.

Best regards,

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