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Sequential Pattern Mining vesus "Sequential Pattern Mining"
Posted by: zhaozhao
Date: October 30, 2018 07:45PM


i would like to ask if you ever hear the concept of "Lag Sequential Analysis".
you may find the inform at

somehow, I think it may have similar effort compared with "Sequential Pattern Mining". both can be used to predict the next behavior of action.

would you agree it or have different opinions?

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Re: Sequential Pattern Mining vesus "Sequential Pattern Mining"
Date: October 30, 2018 09:11PM


There might be some similarities but I think there are some important differences between sequential pattern mining and lag sequence analysis.

Lag sequence analysis (LS):
- it is used to analyse time series (sequences of numbers) and find if there is some correlation between what happen at at time T with what happened at a time T + lag where lag is a parameter.

Sequential pattern mining (SPM):
- is used to analyse sequences of symbols and find subsequences of symbols that appear frequently in a set of sequences.

- SPM is for a set of sequences of symbols. LS is for a time series (a sequence of number). T
- In time series, the time interval between consecutive values is assumed to always be the same. In sequences, this may not be true.
- SPM find patterns that appear in many sequences but there is no concept of lag. In LS there is a concept of lag.

- You could always convert a time series to sequences of symbols to find sequential patterns in a time series. But there is still no concept of lag.
- You could always use both techniques to do some predictions.

I think that periodic pattern mining is closer to lag sequence analysis than sequential pattern mining.

Just my opinion ;-)

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