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Data Science and Pattern Recognition (second issue + CFP)
Posted by: Phil
Date: December 21, 2017 10:03PM

Hello all,

Just to let you know that another issue of theData Science and Pattern Recognition journal has been published, with two papers:

Chien-Ming Chen, King-Hang Wang, Tsu-Yang Wu, and Eric Ke Wang, “On the Security of a Three-party Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol based on Chaotic Maps,” Data Science and Pattern Recognition, vol. 1(2), pp. 1-10, 2017.

Bohdan Myroniv, Cheng-Wei Wu, Yi Ren, Albert Budi Christian, Ensa Bajo, and Yu-Chee Tseng, “Analyzing User Emotions via Physiology Signals Analyzing User Emotions via Physiology Signals,” Data Science and Pattern Recognition, vol. 1(2), pp. 11-25, 2017.

We are currently looking forward to receive more paper submissions. The review process is very fast, and currently there is no fee to publish in the journal. So we are looking forward to your submissions (more details here: ).

Best regards,


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