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using spmf from commandline to output .csv
Posted by: Stephen Foley
Date: August 30, 2017 03:28AM

Hi all! smiling smiley
I am using spmf as part of a bundle in a directory so a script is calling it and using its output file. the problem is when I do call from the script it executes the java -jar spmf file and sends the results to a file but the pattern manager allows a csv export which i need as part of my process. is there any way that anyone knows to get spmf (wonderful tool that it is (thanks Philippe and Kudos)) to output a csv file from the commanline I would be deeply grateful.

thanks everyone!

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Re: using spmf from commandline to output .csv
Date: August 30, 2017 06:23AM

Hi Stephen,

Glad to know that SPMF is included in a bundle to produce something useful, and glad you like it. Currently, in SPMF, there is no option for exporting results to CSV, so I guess that the best solution would be to write a small program using your favorite programming language to read the output file of SPMF and generate a CSV file in the format that you prefer, from it.

But we never know, maybe that someone has done this already. But I am not aware of it.

Best regards,


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