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Best SPM algorithm to adjust for repeated patterns?
Posted by: Simon Alford
Date: July 14, 2017 07:48AM

Hello data forums! I am interested in mining sequential patterns from a list of strings, with the additional criterion that the patterns found have to repeat a given "repSupport" number of times in a sequence for it to count. A way to approach this repetition criterion is given in this paper:

However that paper reimplements an older, slower algorithm. I am looking to learn how a newer algorithm works and reimplement that with the repetition support criterion included. From what I have gathered, CM_SPADE is state-of-the-art for SPM. Would you recommend I try adjusting this algorithm? Or is there another algorithm that might be slower in general, but better suited to adjust to include repetition support? (It also might be influential that I'm not mining itemsets, but just strings?)

Thanks for your help. If you have any other advice, let me know.. I'm a little new to the field smiling smiley

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Re: Best SPM algorithm to adjust for repeated patterns?
Posted by: Simon Alford
Date: July 18, 2017 12:00PM

Thanks...? confused smiley

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