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Is Human in the Loop the New Thing?
Posted by: Luna
Date: May 10, 2021 12:49AM

Recent discussion around AI and ethics goes all the way to one concept. Do we need humans in the AI pipeline loop or not? Even some CEOs declared they are worried about the fact that AI can push people perception, judgment and eventually make them biased.

So the ultimate question is doing we need humans in the loop or not. Do we need them to surprise algorithms, analyses outcomes and results, check for hidden biases and find potential pitfalls? (and even to find those patterns we might use another AI system).

New frontiers in AI need more data to perform better. More data and better algorithms are the recipe of success of several new achievements.

Let's look at one application that we are familiar with. Annotation and tagging.

Image Annotation has never been this accessible. There are billions of images, texts, audio and videos. Annotation and tagging provide a solid learning background for AIA systems to learn. 20 year ago the challenge was to recognize an apple, or the number 8 or the letter "Z". The new challenge is to identify a Spanish house on a sunny day next to a lake.

The more sophistication needed form users means more sophisticated annotation and tagging for learning purposes. More sophistication means more labels and annotation and for that reason the need to the human in the loop is increasing.

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Re: Is Human in the Loop the New Thing?
Date: May 10, 2021 01:20AM

Interesting point.

Yes, I think we need to have the human in the loop. Although machine learning and other techniques can achieve great results in some tasks, I think humans can help to improve this process... I think in the future we may see something like "interactive machine learning" where humans can participate in the machine learning process. How that would work, I think this is something to think about...

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Re: Is Human in the Loop the New Thing?
Posted by: Edric
Date: May 17, 2021 06:22AM

Great point Luna! Thanks for mentioning it. I think with the progress in the available models, data is the most important and effective element. The better your data is and the better quality it has, the better the results will be.

So I agree, humans in the loop is the new thing!

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