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Sound recognition : where to start ?
Posted by: Brice
Date: March 27, 2021 01:18AM


I am an experienced software engineer, but with very old, and only theoretical, IA formation (only a few courses at university, nearly 20 years ago...).

I have a personal project in mind in which I would want to listen musicians playing a score (by acquiring signal directly from microphone of the PC), and develop an algorithm that would determine the position of their performance in a midi file (this midi file is known by advance in the PC, the goal is not to construct it from musicians performance).

The algortithm shoudl run in real time (not post-processing), and should be tolerant to mistakes done by the musicians.

So, my questions :

Are there any similar projects ?
Where can I start from ? Which technology would better fit this problem ? And where can I find information about those technologies ?

I am familiar with several programming langauages (C, C++, java, python, etc.). And I am familiar with signal processing. But I never practiced IA.

Any advance from where to start from would be very appreciated !

Many thanks in advance,

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