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What I should do to learn about AI?
Posted by: Paula
Date: March 13, 2020 05:44AM


I want some advices about what to do to learn about AI and become an AI engineer?



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If you want to engineer AI
Posted by: Engineer.AI
Date: March 16, 2020 01:57AM

If you want to engineer AI, firstly you'll have to learn a relevant computer language. I would suggest Python or Golang. C, or C++ will get you into the grove, but will not take you that far. You should then enroll in a certified course (online or offline), and really practice a lot, if you want to engineer AI that is anything above basic. Additionally, there are plenty of blogs and forums you can associate yourself with. They're a valuable resource if and when you get stuck in your work.
~Vibhor Tyagi (techie at Engineer.AI)

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Re: If you want to engineer AI
Posted by: Paolo
Date: March 25, 2020 10:17PM

Hi bro,

Which certificates do you recommend? I am searching to start one certificate. Very excited by the buzz with AI.


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Re: What I should do to learn about AI?
Posted by: pal7mentor
Date: August 11, 2020 06:15AM

1. Understand The Math Behind Machine Learning
2. Build a Strong Foundation, First
3. Brush Up On Python
4. Search The Internet For Free Resources And Online Courses
5. Get Comfortable With Abstract Thinking
6. Start Building Simple Things With AI Algorithms
7. Learn How Human Insight And Computer Programming Intersect
8. Learn How To Gather The Right Data
9. Join Online Communities
10. Familiarize Yourself With Different Types Of AI

Regards : artificial intelligence course in pune

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Re: What I should do to learn about AI?
Posted by: Sparity
Date: March 09, 2021 03:00AM

The realm of AI is vast with applications to many emerging innovations and fields, including driverless vehicles, biometrics, machine learning, speech recognition, deep learning and text analysis. Pursuing relevant educational programs and work experience can prepare you to enter this field. Check this website for information on AI.

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