AGI book based on using generated fake fMRI data
Posted by: Tofara Moyo
Date: November 27, 2019 11:03AM


The world is incredibly fractal. just watch as you pass tree after tree as you drive,... only to get to a gap with no trees but then you pass another stretch of trees and a gap multiple times , so you haven't really escaped, then you get home and the scenario changes drastically once more, but you find yourself going for those journeys and getting home multiple times.

Life is basically fractal. it is fundamental to reality and the brain mimics this in the topology of its networks. When a neuron fires, the ones it is connected to are caused to fire too by design, and groups of neurons firing cause other groups of neurons to fire and this all feeds back to one another at different rates, so a particular neuron will fire regularly while another one less regularly but all this is to mimic the way reality is structured within the brain.

In fact the fact that you see a tree over and over again in a journey will cause similar neurons to fire...the same with the rest of reality. this opens up an interesting way to build an architecture. Simply let the regularity in the world induce a structure that is consistent with it.

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