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List of simple artificial intelligence programs written in c++
Posted by: tobikage
Date: May 09, 2019 03:14AM

If possible plz do provide a link to this problems

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Re: List of simple artificial intelligence programs written in c++
Posted by: Sparity
Date: November 15, 2021 10:00PM

Best Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas in C++ :

1. Caffe: it is known as Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding. It is an open-source project based on Artificial Intelligence and a deep learning framework created at the house of BAIR (Berkeley AI research Center). The main code or the code which would be responsible for running the entire show is actually written in C++ and then served as a python library. Caffe is a tool that was created with computer vision in mind. Mainly because of the speed, the fact that it is modular, and its overall expressiveness. Now we can easily see Caffe being used in large-scale applications.

2. TensorFlow: It is one of the best frameworks that one can use to do any task related to deep learning. With the addition of TF 2.0, it now comes with a version of Keras already installed and ready to use. Keras allows the deep learning models to be created in just a few lines of code with the help of their sequential API.

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