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Electronic Brain
Date: March 20, 2012 03:35PM

Dear searchers, students

I have the big pleasure and the big honor to inform you about my new book "Electronic Brain", that contains the result of 12 years of my researches in the neural network field, I present in this book a new model of neural network named El-Dorra, and I include a new learning methodology as the separated learning, continued learning and artificial forget in order to obtain the Electronic Brain.

This technology erases the problems of ANN such as: Local solutions, long time learning, bad precision, random modeling (Nbr hidden layer) ,..
This new technology was supported trough 12 years (1998-2010) by many international conferences as:
CICMA'04 Australia, ICBP'04 Sweden, ICIMA'04 China, ICINCO ANNs'04 Portugal, IKS'04 Turkey, ISNB'04 Holland, Bioinformatics'04 Sweden, MML'04 Italy, SCT'04 USA, CITSA'04 USA, ICDL'04, BICS'04 UK, Wesas'05 Portugal, NNSC'05 Poland, Isf'05 Texas, ICIT'05 Jordan, ISC 2005 Berlin Germany, Wseas'09 Cambridge, FICNPSC 2010 Atlanta Georgia USA, ICADIWT 2010 Turkey, ICAI'10 Las Vegas, Nevada USA, ICCA ‘10 India, ICCNSE 2010 Japan, ICICCA2010 India, …. And others

You can found the book Electronic brain (Available now!):
Or, on Amazon (not available yet):
• ISBN-13: 978-1871131215

For more information or purchase you can contact my agent in UK Mr Roger Loughney :, or the publisher :

Nb: in order to save my rights, I never publish my work in any journal, even it accepted by many height level International Conferences, so you can not found this technology out of this book.

Best regards

OMARI Abdallah
International searcher on neural networks modeling & learning methodology ,

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