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Interesting Applications of AI You Might Not Be Aware Of
Posted by: karthikaqpt
Date: January 31, 2017 02:14AM

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.
Here are ten uses of AI you might not still be aware of.

1)Computer Programming: Computer scientists have created AI programs capable of writing their own code. Ai researchers have created many tools to solve the difficult problems.

2)Robotics:AI is arguably the most exciting field in robotics.It reduce the human work.Robotics is more like Mechanics thing and AI is the human like perception which is in code indeed.Robots learn Grasping by sharing their hand-eye coordination experience with each other.

3)Self driving cars:AI in transportation is expected to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation while minimizing the impact on the environment and communities. self driving cars will also mean lesser road accidents as they are programmed to focus more on safety than human drivers.

4)Smart Replyconfused smileymart Reply will automatically suggest short replies for incoming messages.Google's Inbox launches 'Smart Reply' to suggest reply message automatically using AI

5)Finance: Financial institutions have long used artificial neural network systems to detect charges or claims outside of the norm, flagging these for human investigation.Use of AI in banking.AI has also reduced fraud and crime by monitoring behavioral patterns of users

6)Medical field: For improving healthcare, artificial intelligence in medicine is a great idea that can advance the patient communication and healthcare professionals.It helps to Fast & Accurate diagnostics,reduce human errors,design treatment plans,drug creation,etc.
Microscope uses Artificial Intelligence to find cancer cells more efficiently

7)Entertainment:Artificial intelligence produces Realistic Sounds that fool Humans.MIT researchers have demonstrated an algorithm that has effectively learned how to predict sound, the algorithm can produce a sound for the hit that is realistic enough to fool human viewers.

8)Games: AI has also been applied to video games.Companies like Mattel have been creating an assortment of AI-enabled toys for kids as young as age three

9)Music: Artificial intelligence has enabled, through scientific advances, to emulate, at some extent, human-like composition.Artificial intelligences can even produce music usable in a medical setting, with Melomics’s effort to use computer-generated music for stress and pain relief

10)Aviation : The Artificial Intelligence supported Design of Aircraft.It is used to help designers in the process of creating conceptual designs of aircraft.This also helps to people who fear flying can rest assured that practically no one is controlling the plane in any way

Any other applications are there?

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Re: Interesting Applications of AI You Might Not Be Aware Of
Date: January 31, 2017 05:57AM

Interesting post.

Another application is:

education: researchers are working on intelligent e-learning systems, using artificial intelligence techniques. Those are sometimes called "intelligent tutoring systems".

Maybe we could also add:

military applications

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