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KUBO Robot teaches Coding, Language and Maths to Kids in simple way
Posted by: qualitypointtech
Date: January 18, 2017 01:54AM

KUBO is the Educational robot for kids aged 3 and up.
It is the World’s first puzzle-based educational robot. It can Make coding as simple as a jigsaw puzzle.
KUBO accelerates learning in coding, mathematics, language, and music through its TagTile programming language, which helps pre-school and primary school children explore and understand new concepts in a screenless, tangible environment.
Kubo is a pretty simple robot – it’s about the size of a can of soda and has two wheels that allow it to roll around a desk or table.

Kubo reads the puzzle pieces using an RFID technology – each piece has an individual embedded RFID tag
Apart from teaching programming Kubo will be able to do teach kids things like spelling and addition and subtract.
Kubo is now available on Indiegogo for $169

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