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AI Dancer - LuminAI watches Dancing Person and improvises its own moves using AI
Posted by: karthikaqpt
Date: December 29, 2016 02:08AM

An Artificial Intelligence system developed by Georgia Institute of Technology watches dancing person and improvises its own moves based on prior experiences. When the human responds, the computerized figure or “virtual character” reacts again, creating an impromptu dance couple based on artificial intelligence (AI).

This project is named as LuminAI, and it is housed inside a 15-foot-tall geodesic dome.

It learns how to dance by paying attention to which moves the current user is doing and when. The more moves it sees, the better and deeper the computer’s dance vocabulary. It then uses this vocabulary as a basis for future improvisation.
The system uses Kinect devices to capture the person’s movement, which is then projected as a digitally enhanced silhouette on the dome’s screens. The computer analyzes the dance moves being performed and leans on its memory to choose its next move.

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Re: AI Dancer - LuminAI watches Dancing Person and improvises its own moves using AI
Date: December 29, 2016 02:35AM

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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