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This forum is about data mining, data science and big data: algorithms, source code, datasets, implementations, optimizations, etc. You are welcome to post call for papers, data mining job ads, link to source code of data mining algorithms or anything else related to data mining. The forum is hosted by P. Fournier-Viger. No registration is required to use this forum!.  
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source code for Apriori Algorithm in matlab 3,087  20  sara  11/28/2017 06:20AM 
Last Post by Alman
CFP: AusDM 2018:16th Australasian Data Mining Conference 437  Phil  11/26/2017 10:22PM 
Last Post by Phil
How to input association rules into artificial bee colony algorithm (initial phase)? 282  ko moe  11/19/2017 06:15PM 
Last Post by ko moe
Evaluation of k-means and hierarchical clustering without train and testing dataset? 271  DRam  11/17/2017 11:13PM 
Last Post by Dang Nguyen
Find periodic patterns repecting the order of items 309  akamba  11/14/2017 06:38AM 
Last Post by webmasterphilfv
[Research] Learning visual and interpretable models from sequence data that contains chaotic symbols 380  NiekTax  11/09/2017 12:40PM 
Last Post by NiekTax
11 PhD positions and 5 postdoc positions available focusing on the interplay between data mining and business process analytics (with distinguished professor Wil van der Aalst) 328  NiekTax  11/09/2017 03:39AM 
Last Post by NiekTax
C# source code of the gSpan algorithm 1,223  Dang Nguyen  11/08/2017 04:00AM 
Last Post by javad
Chess and mushroom datasets for sequential rule mining 253  Ed  11/07/2017 06:38AM 
Last Post by webmasterphilfv
FHM for float utilities 407  16  Mohammad S Alodadi  11/05/2017 05:17AM 
Last Post by webmasterphilfv
Real time stream Analytics 275  Fahd  11/04/2017 09:31PM 
Last Post by Fahd
Properties of Retail and Kosarak datasets? 865  maya  10/28/2017 10:16PM 
Last Post by Sandhya
Distribution of list of items -statistical tests- 221  rogelio andrade  10/27/2017 11:01AM 
Last Post by rogelio andrade
Ph.D project in data mining 6,716  105  Tenjiku  10/27/2017 01:36AM 
Last Post by Raja K
IEEE Mobile Cloud 2018 306  10/26/2017 10:08AM 
Last Post by
IEEE Mobile Cloud 2018 281  10/26/2017 10:08AM 
Last Post by
Input file in GoKrimp 236  rogelio andrade  10/21/2017 12:20AM 
Last Post by webmasterphilfv
Source code of the HUI-Miner algorithm for high utility itemset mining (CIKM 2012) - Java 9,774  41  webmasterphilfv  10/20/2017 11:00PM 
Last Post by webmasterphilfv
add lenght constrain to output on sequential pattern algorithms 376  rogelio andrade  10/20/2017 06:22AM 
Last Post by rogelio andrade
Format input for Hirate Yamana algorithm 328  Hanasa  10/19/2017 08:38PM 
Last Post by Hanasa
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